Of Nasi Lemak and Nationhood - unity and disparity in Malaysia

Updated: Feb 16

Listen to what Ru Xiang has to say about unity and disparity of culture in Malaysia

Coming from a public school in central KL, I got to see “two sides of the spectrum” and had a really unique experience in terms of exposure to culture, representation and education as a whole. I’m excited to share my story as well as speak about the vast range of perspectives and disparities here, what truly makes us Malaysian and opportunities that lie ahead in this “New Malaysia”.

Being Malaysian is about having so many layers of diversity, personality traits, culture, background, education and more. But even within Malaysia itself these whole spectrums of perspectives and not just perspectives and opinions but also opportunities as well depict stark disparity.

Reasons Why This Happens?

  1. Social divides and basic stereotypes

  2. Vernacular education

  3. Race based politics

  4. Exposure to mass media and education disparities

Where I stand on the spectrum ?

Who I am?

How I identified myself in terms of culture and education?

The more I think about these, the more I realize that these things didn't matter, because it wasn't about all these differences that was so special about being Malaysian, but it was about the similar things that we had, it's about the little things that makes us Malaysian.

Ultimately, it's all about celebrating all these differences, as well as immersing ourselves in all different culture, food, practices that Malaysian have to offer. We need to embrace all these differences and learn to not just tolerate but to truly understand these things.

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