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Enlightment is a blogging platform built around the theme of sharing, inspiring and connecting. Our core vision revolves around empowering students to become the leaders of a new era, and we aim to facilitate the sharing of ideas among ambitious university students around the globe. This platform ensures that aspiring university students can create and share high quality content that inspires others whilst developing an analytical and innovative mindset. Furthermore, Enlightment also aspires to build communities and bridge students with similar interests and aspirations. 2020 has undoubtedly been a difficult year for university students to network and connect with others; thus, we aim to expose students to a wider social network where they can freely express themselves and exchange ideas within a diverse community. Through actively promoting a sense of community and using a university-based approach, this platform aims to expand its network and grow exponentially in its outreach. 

If you're wondering.....


Why is this blog called "Enlightment" and not "Enlightenment"?

The name "Enlightment" is a modified version of the term “Enlightenment.''

The Age of Enlightenment was a period of radical change during the 18th century in Europe, when thinkers strove to emphasize the importance of scientific reasoning and evidence-based thinking rather than that of religion and tradition. This aligns with our aim of helping university students cultivate their critical-thinking skills and encouraging them to break the status quo by exploring innovative ideas.

We chose "Enlightment" instead of "Enlightenment" because the usage of the term "enlight" is unconventional, much like the approach we take in sharing knowledge. The formation of this term from the archaic "enlight" furthermore symbolizes the creation of something new to build upon the old.

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders by sparking innovation 

Enlightment’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of insightful opinions and ideas among university students through the distribution of high quality articles, promoting both university and interest-based communities,  and bridging together students who share similar passions to create a strong network consisting of mutually-motivating peers.

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      ACT "

My personal journey as a blogger only began after I became a university student at University College London. Towards the end of 2020, I started writing blogs on Medium to share my insights and research analysis. I soon realized that a proactive, self-led learning approach is extremely important in nurturing growth and development of skills and knowledge.  A sense of fulfillment drove me to publish articles regularly on topics that I am passionate about, such as sustainability, economics, technologies and data science. Personally, I enjoy the process of analytical thinking and self-led research, but more importantly, I believe that the ability to think critically and comprehensively is crucial for students of our generation, especially when we live such a fast-changing era. Surrounded by aspiring individuals and insightful student bloggers, I believe that a platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and build communities among us is one of the best ways to spark innovative ideas. I hold the vision that the path to a brighter future can be achieved by empowering students to think in an innovative and critical manner.


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